Animal Jam Club Geoz Playset Review

Animal Jam Club Geoz
The Animal Jam Club Geoz Playset is a fun pretend play toy for kids aged 5 years and up. As the name implies, it is based on the popular online game, ‘Animal Jam’, and is designed to represent a club scene where Animal Jam figures come together to party on one stage.

Features of the Animal Jam Club Geoz Playset

The idea behind this Club Geoz Playset is to let kids bring to life a party of their favorite Animal Jam pet characters.  The set is designed like a club with a dance floor and stage for the DJ. It even has a spinning disco ball and plenty of other features that make you want to party.

Here are the various features that come with this playset from Jazwares.

Colorful detailed design

This Animal Jam Playset features an Arctic Wolf figure with accessories. Everything about the wolf from the snow-white fur, and icy blue paws, to its adorable eyes, nose, and pink ears is intricately designed. Its head can move around and the wolf wears an Ice Amor themed crown and wings that attach to it via holes.

The stage is also well designed as a pink platform with a PA system/woofers and DJ equipment. Music notes printed on the wall, a disco ball hanging overhead and the pink stage curtains adorned with yellow borders create the illusion of a real club scene.

The checkered dance floor is big enough to accommodate more than one Animal Jam figure.  The attention grabbing purple, pink, yellow and blue color scheme will surely captivate kids.

Sound and light effects

Pressing the blue button on the table triggers playback of three different melodies. As each song plays, the silver disco ball hanging above starts to rotate and two LED spotlights positioned diagonally will shine on the Animal Jam figures.

Expandable Playset or Collector’s item

Although this play set only comes with an Arctic Wolf, it can be expanded with other Animal Jam figures. Adding more figures creates a real party like scene. The best part is that kids will have more cool accessories to mix and match when choosing the party outfit for their various Animal Jam figures.

Is the Animal Jam Club Geoz Playset Worth Buying?

Animal Jam Club GeozThe list price is just under $30 but Amazon has it on sale at the time of this review.

The Animal Jam Club Geoz Playset would be a good choice for the parent who wants to keep their little one entertained for hours. The more Animal Jam Figures there are, the more fun kids can have. Expanding the set allows more than one child to play and this item can turn out to be a prized collectable for Animal Jam enthusiasts.


  • Captivating sound and light effects
  • Can be expanded with other Animal Jam figures
  • Playset is easy to assemble and packs easily for storage
  • Great attention to detail and design
  • Mixing up accessories for the Animal Jam figures allows for more play options
  • Item comes with scratch code that unlocks additional content in the Animal Jam online game and offers 2-weeks of free membership


  • Hard to fine any real cons.  This playset does require two 1.5V AA batteries to operate so make sure you have some on hand otherwise the sound and light effects won’t work.
  • Adults may find the music loud and annoying, but kids seem to love it!

Customer Reviews

This is a new toy so there are not many review online.  At the time of writing Amazon customers gave this playset a 4.3 out of 5 rating.


The Animal Jam Club Geoz Playset is a great toy to surprise kids with on special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas. Kids will love the club scene that lets Animal Jam figures party with real lights and sound effects. This collectable toy is ideal for kids aged 5-15 years, so it is not one of those play items that will be quickly forgotten, though those at the younger end of the age range tend to get more and longer enjoyment from it.

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