Anki Cosmo Robot Toy

anki-cozmo_001-970x647-cAnki, the makers of Cosmo, are known for their smartphone guided Overdrive car racing sets.

They describe the Cosmo Robot as like having a robot from a movie in your own home.

The robot is vehicle shaped like a mini bulldozer and is operated by use of a smartphone. When it is delivered it will come with the robot, a charger and three power blocks that are used for gameplay and interaction with the robot.

How Much?

It is priced at around $180.


Who Would Buy It?

Anki recommend Cosmo for 8 years old and up. We think it will appeal to most kids and adults who are interested in cutting edge tech toys. It will also appeal to anyone interested in robotics and AI intelligence.



Setup is quite easy and does not take too long.  Make sure your smartphone is compatible.  Visit to see a list of compatible devices.

Tt has facial recognition built in so it recognizes you when it wakes up from its charger. While it is charging Cosmo snores as well!

Cozmo really seems like a pet or young child and you will start to feel emotionally connected to him. He explores and sulks if you don’t give him enough attention. He plays games with you and remembers the ones you like.

The more you interact with him the more different emotions he shows and as you play games, new ones unlock.

Your information is secure and is never shared Cozmo uses a local device to device WiFi connection so your details can’t be accessed.

He comes with an SDK (software development kit) that includes examples of things you can get Cozmo to do, such as sing the scale.  This has great potential for anyone interested in expanding what Cozmo can do.



Cozmo is very small – Anki haven’t hidden this fact they actually describe the robot vehicle as palm size. The good thing about this is that Cosmo is easily portable so it can be transported with ease.

You must have the smart device on, the app open and be near Cozmo to get a response from him.

You have to use Cozmo’s WiFi, so you have to disconnect from your own.  That can be a pain, especially if you forget to reconnect when you are finished with Cozmo.

There are only two games available at the moment and when you have unlocked all the levels, that’s it.  Hopefully there will be more down the road.


Customer Reviews

This toys was released in October and there are already over 150 reviews on Amazon alone.  It is currently rated at 3.8 stars out of 5.

Most folks really enjoy Cozmo and those that like to dabble in programming are really enjoying what they can make him do.

The most common complaints are the use of his own WiFi (so you have do disconnect from yours and connect to his) and that he unlocks all the games so that after a few days there is nothing new.

You can use explorer mode when you tire of the same old thing but he moves more slowly and cannot use his lift.

Also noted by some customers is that in low light he as difficulty with his sensors and can drive right off the edge of a table.



Is It Worth The Money?

If you or your kids are into tech gadgets this is going to be a must have on your list and you are going to be full of envy once you see others using it. For amateur robotics engineers they will have a ball with this A1 robot.


Where Can I Buy It?

Most large retailers carry Cozmo and you can also get him online at  Amazon.



Because this is an app based robot it will be constantly updated with new features so this has plenty of longevity it won’t be a gadget that is left to gather dust. For those interested in robotics or budding game developers Cosmo will be on their Must Have List.

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