Barbie Collector Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Doll Review

Barbie Collector Batman v Superman- Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman DollThe Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Doll is a new Barbie Collector action figure dressed in a costume inspired by her character in the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.  Unlike many of the other dolls in the Barbie Collector series, this Amazon Warrior Princess can be moved into different positions.


•    Dressed in signature costume of the superhero in the movie
•    Very durable as the costume is made from rubber and molded plastic instead of cloth
•    Measures 7 x 13 x 3.4 inches
•    A great addition to any Wonder Woman collection
•    Ages 15-16 years

The Cost?

The list price for this doll is $39.99 but Amazon runs sales from time to time so check out the current price on Amazon!


  • Costume is molded rubber and gives the appearance of armour.
  • Great detail on the shield and sword
  • Joint articulation allows for more poses
  • She can stand on her own if you are careful with the pose you put her in, but she comes with a stand as well


  • The stand seems a bit flimsy and has broken for some customers

Customer Reviews

This addition to the Barbie collector series rates 4.7 stars out of 5 at the time of writing.

Most customers really loved the doll and the detail of the costume and thought she was a great addition to their collections.

The biggest complaint was not about the doll but about packaging.  This is a collectors item so you want the box in pristine condition and on more than one occasion the package was damaged, some severely, making it virtually worthless as a collectors item.


Worth the Price?

The finely detailed costume, sculpted to a likeness of the Wonder Women character in the movie played by Gal Gadot, is one of her main features.  The detailing is very precise; from her tiara, “leather” cross-body belt, lasso of truth, sword, shield and armoured bracelets, down to her red and gold platform boots.

The fact that her arms and legs articulate give her the ability to be moved into high-action poses.  Once in position, she stands in a support base that clips around the back of her upper thigh. Note, because of small parts that could be a choking hazard, children under 3 years old should not play with this toy.

ConclBarbie Wonder Woman Close upusion

Collectors will want to add this Wonder Woman Barbie doll to complete their Dawn of Justice superhero collection, right beside Batman and Superman. The finely-detailed artwork on the front and sides of the box she comes in is another plus for the collector, along with her Certificate of Authenticity.

If you are not into collecting, children will want to play with her as a toy imitating movie scenes from the character of Wonder Woman – who is the daughter of Zeus and her Amazonian princess mother.

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