Funko POP Movies: Ghostbusters 2016 Action Figures Review

Funko POP Movies Ghostbusters 2016Ok, I’ll admit that I was (and still am) a big fan of the 1984 “Ghostbusters” movie.  The toys that followed it’s release were really popular and, not surprisingly, this latest movie and it’s characters are no different.

All the new characters from the new “Ghostbusters” movie, Jillian Holtzmann, Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, and Patty Tolan, have been made into action figures of various types.  The new line of Funko POP Movies: Ghostbusters 2016 Action Figures are of the small and collectible variety as opposed to those meant to be played with.

The Cost?

Each of the characters can be bought individually and range in price from $6.70 to $8.79. You can also get them in a set of three, or you can buy the set of 7 characters.

Who is this for?

Some fans of the 1984 Ghostbusters movie are not thrilled with the idea of replacing the original cast of characters with the new ones in 2016 but there are lots of fans of the new movie who seem to love these little figures.  Some have them on their desks, some have them displayed in their homes.


These Funko POP actually have quite a bit of detail on them considering their small size.  Details such as the blasters on the back packs and the logo near their shoulders, or details such as sculpting Patty’s hair and her golden earrings make them a great collector item.

You can proudly display these new characters on your toy shelf right next to the old ones, Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon – also available from Funko – forming a stouthearted team.


These are really collectors items.  Although they do swivel 360 degrees, I would not call them a true action figure and would not recommend them for children to play with.

Customer Reviews

Overall, these characters have a 4.9 out of five star rating.  Most of the customers seem to be adult collectors and it you are looking for a toy for your children or an action figure to match the originals, look at the Mattel action figures instead.

Value for money?

These cute little Ghostbusters figures are great for collectors and are just plain fun to look at.


Most major outlets carry these toys so if you want to check them out, visit your local store.  I recommend that you look online to see what kind of deals you can get before you go so that you can decide whether to by online or not.

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Just as the 2016 movie did justice to the original (IMHO), these adorable little figures will add nicely to any Ghostbusters collection.

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