My First Crayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler Review

Sand ScribblerMoms lover the range of no mess products from Crayola!  Their creative kids can entertain themselves with these toys and Mom does not have to do any hard work cleaning up after them!

The mess-free sand scribbler is new for 2016.  Your child can easily create sand drawings without creating a mess.

It also has a light feature with 12 different colours that requires 3 AAA batteries to use.

The Cost?

Currently the Crayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler is listed around $25. You can check the current price and user reviews at Amazon Here (at time of writing, it was on sale – check at the bottom of this review to see if the deal is still available).


Who is it for?

Crayola suggest that the recommended age group for this toy is 2 years to 5 years old.


We really think creative toys are really beneficial and this sand scribbler helps with learning colors, eye-hand coordination and creative learning.

Your kids can scribble using a large stylus made for little hands that is tethered to the scribbler so that it won’t go missing.

They can draw shapes in the sand and when they want to start again they just shake the sand scribbler to erase the picture.

If you install the batteries, your kids can have fun with the background light.  They can choose from the 12 colours available or rotate through them for a fun light show.

The light show effect turns itself off after it has been inactive for a certain length of time, thus conserving battery life – a great feature.

It is easily portable and can provide hours of fun in the car.  With the illuminated background, you can even use it in the dark.



This is made for very young children so the actual drawing area is fairly small.  With the large stylus makes it is really only possible to draw broad, simple drawings on it or individual letters.

Surface can scratch fairly easily.



Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, this toy has received 3.8 stars out of 5.

Most of the negative reviews related to the small size of the screen, the fact that the sand can scratch the inside of the screen and that children over 3 were quickly bored with it.


Value for Money?

For younger children, the Crayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler is easy to use and fun with the 12 different colored lights.

Older children will probably be happier with the Etch a Sketch or Fisher Price scribbling devices where they can actually write words and draw more detailed pictures.



Most online stores stock the range of Crayola toys, Amazon currently has it in stock.



We love toys that do NOT make a mess!  It is a nice toy for toddlers as it can keep them busy when travelling and it has some creative potential.  It does what it says it does but that is not a lot, really.

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