Paw Patrol – Monkey Temple Playset Review

Paw Patrol Monkey TempleThe Paw Patrol Monkey Temple Playset lets your little ones go for jungle adventure and rescue missions. It includes the newest Paw Patrol member, Tracker (a puppy figure) and Mandy the Monkey, his jungle adventure friend.

The playset includes Tracker’s rescue vehicle, an elevator and vines, real lights and sounds you can activate by pressing a button. Also included are a trap door, radar dish and search light.

You can guide Tracker through a maze of challenges inside the Temple as he looks for Mandy. Turn on the light and sounds by simply pushing a button, go through the trap door or reach the top of the Temple using the elevator then swing down with the vines in search of Mandy.

After the search is successful you can transform the Temple into a command center for your next rescue mission into the jungle using the tracker vehicle.

There are other Paw Patrol pups and vehicles you can collect for many more jungle rescue and patrol missions.

The Cost

The list price for this playset is just under $50 but you can get it on sale if you look around.  At the time of writing, Amazon had it on sale.

Features of the Paw Patrol Themed Monkey Temple Playset

This Paw Patrol Playset from Spin Master Toys requires three LR44 batteries to power the electronic functions. It measures 5.2 x 24 x 16 inches [W x L x H] and is ideal for children aged 3 years and above.

The Monkey Temple Playset  has plastic pieces and slots that fit together easily.

Functions and features include:

  • Two character figures of Tracker the pup and Mandy the monkey
  • The Monkey Temple has real lights, sounds, a trap door, radar dish, elevator, vines and search light
  • One command center rescue vehicle to carry Tracker and Mandy on jungle rescue missions and patrols
  • You can press a button and make the eyes of statue lights up red and make monkey noises
  • Hidden secret passage ways in the temple
  • A green elevator on the side of the set that moves up and down and can take the characters back to the top floor
  • There are green vines growing on the temple than Mandy and Tracker can use to swing to the ground
  • Kids can push a blue tab to make the temple’s revolving doors swing around and show videos of scenes from the jungle
  • The monkey statue can also rotate and show pictures of scenes from the jungle

Paw Patrol Monkey Temple


  1. The set is sturdy, colorful, easy to assemble without the need of tools and the pieces just snap into place
  2. The set also has buttons, levers and doors to push for lots of different adventures
  3. You can buy and add other Paw Patrol characters and vehicles for more exciting action and adventure.


Most buyers have nothing but praises for this toy, but there are a few disadvantages associated with it. These include:

  1. Some of the electronic functions require a power source. So, when the batteries die, this will interfere with the play experience.
  2. The front of the package shows additional characters that are not included in the set – you have to buy them separately.



Spin Master’s Paw Patrol Monkey Temple Playset is a two-in-one playset that has many cool features. The wide range of play options it offers for your kids makes it a good buy. More importantly, this set encourages teamwork and imaginative play in children.

The play set is made with durable and colorful material. Playing with the toy will awakens the sense of adventure and imagination in kids and give them many hours of exciting fun as they explore the hidden secrets in the temple and take their friends, Tracker and Mandy, on rescue missions in the wild imaginary jungle.

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