Razor Jetts Heel Wheels Review

81YKzUjI8JL._SL1500_The Razor Jetts Heel Wheels are just the thing if you want to glide along without having to put on skates – and have a really good sense of balance.  Just step up, strap down and to take off.  These heel wheels let you transform any ordinary sneakers into a different way to roll down the street.

If that is not cool enough for you, it comes with attachable flints so they can spark while you roll!

The Cost?

A pair of Razor Jetts Heel Wheels won’t set you back too much.   While the list price is $39.99, at the time of writing, you can get them on sale at Amazon for $32.61 (check the bottom of the post to see if the sale is still on).  You can even have them shipped directly at your doorstep for free.


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Who are The Razor Jetts Heel Wheels for?

These Heel Wheels are perfect for kids and adults alike who would like to experience the fun and thrill of skating without the skates. For safety reasons, the makers of this product recommend that it be used by individuals who are at least 6 years of age. It is for anyone who is tired of bulky and heavy skates and heel wheels.

A helmet is a necessity and elbow and knee pads are highly recommended. Several people have had some difficulty in mastering the odd stance needed to make these things work and have repeatedly fallen backwards.  You have to keep your heels down and your toes in the air to be able to glide.


The Razor Jetts Heel Wheels are quite compact and lightweight so you can take them almost anywhere.

They are easy to put on and take off.

While some other similar products are made for children only, the weight limit on these is 220 lbs and fits up to a US size 12.

The Razor Jetts Heel Wheels can also glide faster than other heel wheels in the market.

Braking using the heel wheels is also easier.

These are also more stable than other heel wheels available in the market.


The sparks produced by the flint are not as big and bright as the advertisement makes them appear – you might be disappointed if this is a reason for getting them.

While the manufacturers recommends these for ages 6 years or older, keep in mind the skating skills of the child.


Customer Reviews

On Amazon, customers have rated these wheels 3.6 out of 5 stars.

The main issue from negative reviews was the difficulty learning how to use them and falling backwards – a lot.  Some never did master them and returned them.

Most customers, however, found that once they got used to them, they really enjoyed the experience.

Value for money?

At under $32, the Razor Jetts Heel Wheels can be worth the money for the right kids who have access to a smooth running surface.  The fact that these adjust to fit various sizes of shoe, means that they can grow as your child continues to grow.


You can buy Razor Jetts Heel Wheels at authorized retailers and online stores such as Amazon.


These are a souped up version of the original Heelys but they seem to be sturdier and they do adjust up to adult sized shoes.  They also require a smooth surface – ordinary sidewalks just won’t cut it.  These can be a fun mode of transportation if you have the right surface to use them on.

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