Review of the Star Wars BladeBuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber

Star War Jedi Master Lightsaber Star Wars fans know that the Lightsabers are not mere toys, they are adventures that can be held in the hand.  Kids can use the saber during play to engage in legendary scenes between right and wrong and show themselves victorious in the battle to thwart the First Order.

This Jedi Masters Lightsaber has the ability to expand and it comes with realistic features that will thrill any child who plays with it.

When your child picks up the saber and swings it around, it will light up just like the one in the movie. It also comes with sound effects that are also motion activated.

The details on the saber will help your child to feel as if he or she is living in the Star Wars universe ready to do battle against intergalactic forces.

What’s unique about this one compared to others is that it’s fully customizable to your child’s preferences.

Star War Blueblades Jedi Master LightsaberIt can be used in conjunction with other BladeBuilder toys. This lightsaber includes two lightdaggers. Plus, it also has a hilt that expands, which any good Jedi will know how to use to his advantage.

Besides the lightsaber, expansion hilt and lightdaggers, when you purchase this toy, you’ll get the pieces that you can use to customize. You’ll receive 2 elbow connectors, the cross connector, a dual connector and a set of instructions.

star wars light saberBy using the accessories, there are over 100 different lightsaber combinations that your child’s imagination can make. Your child could use the different possibilities to make a long saber with daggers on the opposite end.

Or he could use it to create an upright saber but with angled daggers that stick out in front. It does take three of the AAA batteries to be able to operate the lights on the toy, but they are included. It also takes six (yes that’s 6) AAA for the sound and they are NOT included.  Still, since your child is going to get a lot of play out of this, you might want to buy extra batteries to have on hand.

The Cost

This lightsaber retails for just under $50 BUT at the time of writing, Amazon had a great sale in this toy, less than $30.

Customer Reviews

Amazon customers give this Star Wars offering 4.7 out of 5 stars!

Kids love the lights and sounds and all the different combinations you can make with this kit.  It is easy to assemble in different combinations and it is great that it works with other BladeBuilder products.

Some reviews said that you need more accessories to make it work.  That is not the case.  In the promo material on the site you can see one photo that has an orange lightdagger that is not included in this kit but you really can make over 100 different configurations with what you get.

Keep in mind that this is a plastic toy, not a collector item.  It is meant for play.


If you have any Star Wars fans in your family then this Jedi Masters Ligthsaber will be a great addition to their Star Wars toys and if you have a budding fan, this toy can stand on it’s own nicely thank you and is a great place to start.

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