SainSmart Jr. VC-03 Rechargeable Voice Command Car Review

Rechargeable Voice Control CarThere is just something really fun about having a toy car under your control and zooming aroud the room, spinning out and skidding to a stop.

The VC-03 car goes one step further and it responds to your vocal commands. The voice control car comes in six different versions so you can choose the design or color that you like best.

It comes with the car, a Smartwatch controller and a charging cable.

How Much?

We are currently seeing them available online for $24-$26 but it is best to check online to see the current price


Who is it for?

Just about any one who loves racing toy cars and more than one car could just be too much fun.


The rechargeable batteries are included with the package so you can charge it all up and be good to go. Make sure you read the instructions first and also charge both the car and the watch even if it seems the car has a charge.

This RC car has eight voice activated commands – Go forward, Go Back, Turbo, Car break, spinout and demo. It also has lights and you can switch them on and off with the commands Light On and Light Off.

Easy to use but is very fast so take it slowly at first and memorize the Car Brake voice activation command and learn that the emergency brake is the large button in the middle of the watch!

If you don’t want to use the voice control commands you can control the car manually with five controls on the smartwatch.

The charge holds for a long time (roughly an hour) so you get plenty of playing time out of it each time it is used.


Some users had issues with the watch not recognizing their voice commands so make sure you speak loudly and clearly.

It might take a while to memorize all the different voice commands at first but young kids are normally pretty quick at picking this up.

We thought command ‘Car Brake’ was a bit strange, why not just have it as ‘Stop’ this would seem to make more sense.

Both the car and the watch need to be charged but you have only one charge cable (non-standard USB) so it takes a while (1-2 hours) to get every thing up and running again.


Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, there were 26 reviews with an overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.

Most of the customer issues had to do with the voice commands.  Unless you speak clearly and loudly, the commands do not always work and children seemed to have the most difficulty with this.

Value for Money?

These are good sized  (about 5 inches long) RC cars that come in 6 great colours.  The rechargeable batteries, smartwatch and voice activation features makes them a good value product.


Looking online we have only seen them on sale at Amazon and on eBay. Amazon has all six different variants in stock at the time of writing this review. You can check the current price here.


The VC-03 remote control voice command vehicles make great gifts especially for boys but I know a lot of girls who love to get an RC car zooming around the room too!

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