Selfie Mic Music Stick Review

Selfie Mic “Selfie stick meets karaoke” – that’s what the Selfie Mic has been called.  As the name suggests,  the Selfie Mic is a selfie stick with a microphone built in. It allows you to make your own music videos through its smartphone app known as the StarMaker app.   You can sing along with thousands of songs and post them online.

The Selfie Mic includes a smartphone holder on one end of the “selfie stick” and a microphone on the other,  A wire is attached that plugs into their smartphone so as to capture different sounds from the microphone.  An ear piece is attached to the bottom of the mic.  Also included in 1000 credits towards downloading songs.


The Cost?

The Selfie Mic retails for around $29.99 and can be found online at Amazon.

The Details

The Selfie Mic is suitable for kids above 8 years of age and older but can be used by people of all ages. 

Using the Selfie Mic is pretty easy. Simply log into the StarMaker app and select the song of your choice. Place your smartphone in the bracket , plug in the wires and you are ready to perform your favorite songs.   All other functions are found in the StarMaker app which is equally easy to use once it is setup.


You can sing, record and share your own music videos

It comes with 1000 credits for songs to download (at somewhere between 20 and 50 credits each)

It can be used by people of all ages

It requires no batteries for use

It works on both android and iOS devices



Selfie stick could be a bit longer

The StarMaker app takes some setup that should be done by an adult.

Once the credits are used up, you have to buy more to download any more songs.



Customer Reviews

There is only 1 review on Amazon at the time of writing ( a positive review) so, as this was released in the UK first, I looked around and found a few more reviews on several different sites.  In total, I found an additional 10 reviews and all but one were positive.  The one negative review was disappointed in the sound quality but all others rated it at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Value for Money?

For music and selfie lovers, this device is worth the money. It not only allows you to take cute selfies but also allows you to express yourself musically giving you the music star effect. 


The Selfie Stick is now available at Amazon

Check Here for Current Price at Amazon


The Selfie Mic and the StarMaker app combination is a great way for kids to express themselves musically in a fun and professional way. For all the young karaoke stars who love taking selfies this may be a favourite this year.

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