SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber RC Car Review

SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC CarThis small remote control car actually has nothing to do with the Marvel Comics Spiderman franchise.  The term Spiderman is in reference to the it’s ability to actually climb and drive up walls.

The car comes in three different colors; black, red and blue – the red one actually does look like something Spiderman might drive.

We are going to delve into the pros, cons and features of this zero gravity car.

The Cost?

Currently it is available online for around $25 we always advise checking online stores such as Amazon to see what the current price is.


Who in This For?

The manufacturers recommend 8 years as there is a choking hazard with small parts.  This is a fairly easy remote control car to operate and, with supervision, younger kids could easily operate this car.

This will appeal to most kids, teenagers and some adults if they have an interest in cars or RC vehicles as the ability to climb walls is really quite fun.



Needless to say,  it’s ability to climb walls or even along the ceiling (thus the zero gravity in the name) is the selling point here.  This is what makes it a bit different from the traditional RC car. It uses a special air vacuum feature that sucks in air and holds it to a vertical surface without falling off.  Note that the wall or ceiling must be smooth or the suction will not work.

It also works fine as a normal RC racing car and works as well on the floor as vertically or upside down.

Even though it is made in China, this car is described as ‘shockproof’ so falls to the floor shouldn’t be any problem as long as the landing surface is not too hard.

The remote allows the car to go forwards, backwards, turn left and right and rotate 360 degrees.

When you stop the car its brake lights come on.




When you take it out of the box, don’t be surprised by it’s small size and light weight.  In order for the ‘zero gravity’ feature to work the car needs to be like this otherwise it would be too big and heavy to climb the walls. Even though it is lightweight it is fairly durable but I would not recommend letting it fall from a ceiling onto a hard surface.

It does sound like a small vacuum cleaner as it runs along the walls and ceiling – that sound could get a bit annoying after a while to the adults nearby.

If you run it along the ceiling (or up a wall for that matter), make sure there is no one under the car as they could be hurt it the suction let go and it fell.

Like most battery operated toys, the 6 AA batteries that it requires are not included.  I would recommend getting rechargeable batteries and a charger.  Although 12 rechargeable AA are a bit costly at the outset, this is a fun toy to play with and with a climbing time of about 10 minutes on a full charge,  you might want to have two sets of 6 batteries.


Customer Reviews

As this is a new product there are only two customer reviews, both give a 5 star rating.


Value for Money?

For a fun little remote control car that can climb walls we’d say it is certainly worth the money.  The batteries do add to the cost if you do not already have rechargeable batteries.



Amazon currently has all 3 colors in stock and user reviews and videos that demonstrate the SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car.

See SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber at Amazon Click Here



This is a fun little RC car with good speed and the ability to climb walls and run along the ceiling is unique and can provide hours of entertainment for kids, teenagers and quite a few adults!


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