Trolls Poppy Hug N Plush Doll Review

Trolls Poppy Hug N Plush DollThe Dreamworks Trolls movie, scheduled to be release on November 4, 2016, is sure to be a favorite for kids. As with most children’s movies, there will be a range of toy merchandise that tie in with the movie.

The star of the movie is the troll princess Poppy who’s positive attitude of “You can do anything” makes her a great heroine.

The dolls come in various styles and materials. The one we are reviewing is the largest and most huggable of the Poppy dolls.

Poppy wears a colorful blue dress that contrasts nicely with her wild hot pink hair with a cute green band with three blue color flowers in it. She always solves her problem with a dance, a song and, most importantly, a hug as  Poppy and her friends believe that hugs makes sad times less sad and happier times happier.

The Cost?

The price of the large Trolls Poppy Hug n Plush ranges from $26.99 to $35.99 at the time of writing.

Who is this for?

Trolls recommends this doll for kids of four years.  As with most dolls of this sort, this will appeal especially to young girls.


The doll is about 18 inches tall and has a soft and plush body, perfect for lots of hugs.

The crazy hair of the poppy dolls and the ability to change the style with the comb (included) will be attractive to kids.


It is possible that the size and bright pink hair may startle some small children, but they should get over it quickly.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, this doll is so new that there are no customer reviews.

Value for Money?

If your child becomes a big fan of the film this will probably be money well spent.



Online stores have this line available at the time of writing.

Check out what Amazon has available.


The Poppy character is a good role model for young kids and the interactive bracelet feature makes it unique from other plush toys. If your child enjoys the movie they are likely to appreciate this doll as a gift.

If this doll is too large, they also offer a smaller 12 inch tall Poppy Hug ‘N Plush Doll .

If you are looking for a Poppy character that your children can do more with, then have a look at DreamWorks Trolls Poppy 9-Inch Figure.

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