Zing Stikbot Studio Pro Review

A1MY9uivVoL._SX355_In case you did not know, Stickbots are little articulated stickmen figures that can be put into a wide range of positions.  Download a free app and you can make short stop animation movies with the figures using your tablet or phone.

This set includes green and blue screen background options as well as prop boxes, a phone holder and a red and orange stickbot.

The cost?

The recommended retail price for this set is $25 but we have seen it for lower prices online.

Try checking Amazon for the latest price.


Who is it for?

It is recommended this set for 4 years and up but a better target age would be 7-14 years as there is a learning curve for the app and getting the device to stay in the ‘tripod’ can be tricky.

Stop animation involves moving the stickbots at very small increments to make a short movie so it requires patience from the video maker as it takes about 10 pictures to make 1 second of film!



First up the app for phones and tablets is free, so you can download and test it before investing in the Stickbots.

You now have your own little stop animation studio in your living room for less than twenty bucks!

The app is quick and easy to download and from the reviews we are reading online, kids seem to find it easier to get it working than adults.

There are plenty of YouTube videos available showing instructions, tips and videos made by kids of all ages.


If the child hasn’t got their own tablet or phone you are going to lose the use of your phone for a number of hours so take this into account.

Some users found the app a bit glitchy, though most didn’t have this problem. As we mentioned earlier it’s a free app so try downloading it and trying it out before investing in Stikbots.

The stand that holds your device is small so will hold phones but not tablets.


Customer Reviews

This toy has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 at the time of writing.  Most reviews stated that the kids had a great time with this once they mastered the app.  The biggest issue seems to be the screens – they tend to fall over after being used for a while.

Some customers had issues with the app and were unable to get it to  work properly but most had no problem at all.

Value for Money?

This is a good introduction to Stikbots or to stop animation movie making and we’d say twenty dollars is not too high a price to pay for hours of creative activity.  If you can find it cheaper, then the decision becomes even easier.  At the time of writing, Amazon has it on at a good discount.  Check at the bottom of this post to see if the discount still applies.

Where Can I Buy It?

Most online stores such as Walmart, Target and Amazon stock the Stikbot range. We recommend taking a look at Amazon as there are lots of customers’ reviews showing animations made by children using Zing Stikbot Studio Pro.

See the Full Range at Amazon Here


To get the most out of this toy, you need some creativity and patience. The right kids will have hours of fun making great little animation movies that they can share with family or friends on social media.

There are lots of other Stikbots available to add to make the videos more interesting.


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